About Me

Welcome to my blog.  I am a stay-home mum with 2 boys, and I love cooking for my family.  I started this blog to share my love of food, cooking and eating.

You see, I am the foodie personify. I just love food, I think about food, talk about food, and most probably, dream about food. I think about lunch when eating breakfast, wonder what to cook for dinner at lunch, and when dinner arrives, my thoughts are not far off next day’s meals. My husband would totally agree with this. In fact, it was probably the deal-maker when he met me – someone planning ahead about food is fine by him.

In my quest for all things epicurious, I have accumulated an extensive collection of recipes, both my own and others that I have adapted to my taste.  It would be an eclectic mix as we are a multi-cultural family. There would be dishes from all over the world. From rice to pasta to Yorkshire pudding. I want to also include recipes featuring produce from the husband’s allotment. Look out for them during the productive months of Spring and Summer.

My recipes are easy-to-make and family friendly.  They must be delicious and nutritious, using seasonal and readily available ingredients.  I try to cook everything from scratch except where good ready-made alternatives makes sense (such as puff pastry).  I am a fan of simple one-pot meals and strive to minimise the equipment needed and the amount of washing up required.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and please let me know if you have any comments, feedback, advice, complaints, anything at all. Thank you for visiting and I hope you return soon.

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