Two Fruity Breakfast Ideas

This preamble has nothing to do with breakfast at all, but I am sitting here thinking about today’s event that has everyone (alright, not everyone – only those slightly obsessive Mac people) holding their breath till 10am Pacific time.  Till then, here are a couple of fruity breakfast ideas to get us going and ready to face the day.

These have got to be my favourite breakfasts. They are quick to assemble, good for you, and visually, so appealing that I would jump out of bed for them anytime.

Super High-fibre muesli (Dorset Cereal’s the best) with fresh blueberries and strawberries, and milk


One of my favourite breakfasts – it is easy to create your own with your favourite fruits but here is my version:

1 ripe banana
A handful fresh berries (blueberries and strawberries combines well with the banana)
Live bio-yoghurt
Granola (I use Dorset Cereal’s honey granola and no, I do not work for them)
Honey (use deep flavoured ones, e.g. chestnut, heather)

Slice the banana into a bowl. Scatter over fresh berries (I sometimes briefly heat them in the microwave to release the juices). Spoon the yoghurt over the fruits, and use as much as you prefer. Pour over 3-4 tablespoons of granola. Last of all, using your eating spoon, drizzle over the honey. That way, you do not waste any and you can even lick the spoon. Tuck in, making sure you get a bit of everything in each spoonful, and enjoy.


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